1. Don't disturb


My friends they tell me it won't last.
My love affair will break so fast.
They tell me that I'm blind, but I don't mind.

I'm waiting once again for you.
Another room a different view.
Hotels are all the same, myself to blame.

But When I hear the key in the door,
And see your'e smiling face 'cross the floor,
I have no second thoughts anymore.
Come to my baby.

So bring your body close to mine
And run your fingers up my spine,
We tell the world outside
Don't disturb.
Let's move in perfect harmony
And get a touch of exstacy.
It's you and me,
Don't disturb

The morning comes and you must go.
I musn't let my sadness show.
You love me that is all I need to know.
They say you have another life.
A woman that you call your wife.
But what we have is stronger than all that.

Cause when I hear the key in the door.
And see your smiling face 'cross the floor
I have no second thoughts anymore, come to me baby


Music: Nenad Mandic
Text: Ingrid Hagelberg