After having spent almost five months in San Pancho on The Mexican Riviera, an hour north of Puerto Vallarta I’m back in Malmoe, Sweden for six months.

John and I had a great time in San Pancho and I got connected with musicians immediately and I had two steady jazz gigs till I left. Singing with wonderful musicians, some from USA and others from Mexico and other Latin American countries. 

I am back in Malmo, Sweden to spend a few summer months. I am back at the wonderful Ribbersborgs Kallbadhus (Ribban) for a concert. I believe it will be a full house. My songwriting partner Nenad Mandic will spend a week here and we’re planning to do a performance while he is here. John, my husband is arriving just in time for the concert at Ribban. I will also have a few gigs this summer in Denmark then back to the US this Fall and later back to San Pancho, Nayarit, México.