Songs from My Red Suitcase - One Woman Show

Songs from My Red Suitcase – a one woman play.

I set out to share songs and stories from my life, as an inspiration to follow your dreams.
In this play I tell the story of my passion for music. Starting as a little girl in Sweden with a longing to sing and perform. And my travels that lead me to Paris as a young woman and from there to America in search of my dreams to sing.
I use stories to share not only my dreams, but my setbacks, trials and tribulations and I weave it with mementos that I gather and place in my red suitcase.
Mementos that prompt stories of longings and also dark feelings of being frozen and blocked.
I weave the poetry and the songs to make those stories come alive… and as it unfolds I’ll share with you connections adventures… and people along the way that helped open doors for me… Stories of Meeting brilliant Musicians, finding mentors, and finding a music collaborator to help me write songs.
All the stories along the way are told with poems, and original music that make it come alive, as I enter it, one story and one memento at a time, into my red suitcase.


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Recorded from my living room in May, 2020

"I have been performing my Red Suitcase One Woman Musical Play since 2013.  Originally presented in Sedona, my has been on the road, with tour dates such as Phoenix, San Francisco, and Boca Raton., an Malmo, Sweden.  The show has been sponsored by SWEA (Swedish Women's Education Association) at several centers around the country. 

In 2019 I performed my One woman show in my hometown Malmö. It was really fun and emotional for me to be back home and share my story in my native language, Swedish. It was very well received. Here are some photos and clips.